Patterns Of Paragraph Development

Paragraph Development . What is a paragraph? One of the central components of an essay or a paper is the paragraph. Today I had my good friend Dr. Perry Nickelston write about how he utilizes rolling patterns in his practice. A. Sentence development B. Paragraph development C. Topic sentences D. Paragraph unity. A rhetorical strategy in which a writer examines similarities and/or differences between two people, places, ideas, or objects. In composition, the process of adding informative and illustrative details to support the main idea in a paragraph or essay. A typical expository paragraph starts with a controlling idea or claim, which it then explains, develops, or supports with evidence. An expository paragraph can stand alone as a paragraph essay or be an essay body paragraph.

Patterns Of Paragraph Development

  • Bring out its units of 3, thesis-and-support pattern, when teaching writing.
  • This page was written by John Friedlander, associate professor in the English department at Southwest Tennessee Community College.
  • Novella J. Ruffin, Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Extension Child Development Specialist, Virginia State University, Virginia Dept.
  • A pattern, from the French patron, is a type of theme of recurring events or objects, sometimes referred to as elements of a set of objects.
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